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18 Pieces of Public Art in Charlottetown, PEI

Sir John A MacDonald dressed in goalie gear

The capital of Canada’s tiniest province (PEI), Charlottetown, is home to lots of Public art. There is no repository of information for the art as of yet. Almost exactly a year ago I did a video on the pieces of public art so I figured now would be a good time for the blog post. Additionally, on the 3rd page you will find a Google map of them all.

So here are 18 pieces of Charlottetown (PEI)’s Public Art.


Gerald Beaulieu's Bluefin Tuna
Charlottetown public art: Gerald Beaulieu’s Bluefin Tuna

The Bluefin Tuna by Gerald Beaulieu

The Bluefin Tuna is a part of a major fishing export for Prince Edward Island and to celebrate, it is one of the popular pieces of art in downtown Charlottetown. And yes, it is life-sized. Gerald Beaulieu actually made this piece of art, out of spoons which is an incredible feat in itself.


Sir John A MacDonald looks at someone during a snowstormCanada’s 1st Prime Minister Statue: Sir John A MacDonald

The Sir John A MacDonald bronze sculpture (the one on the left) by Michael Halterman is probably one of the most photographed pieces of art in downtown Charlottetown. Located on the corner of Victoria Row & Queen Street, it is right in the heart of the downtown core. It was setup in 2009.


The Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Another installation commenced by the City of Charlottetown and now-defunct PEI Crafts Council, this Great Blue Heron is 7’6″ feet tall or 2.3 meters. Located on the corner of Water Street & Queen Street, this large statue is often photographed.


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The 2017 numbers are located on the bottom of Queen Street by the wharf and is another commonly photographed location. Being a couple blocks away from the cruise ship wharf and right along the cities boardwalk, a lot of people stop to pose with the year in big red numbers.

Cow’s Cow (Seasonal)

Located in a high traffic area, the cow at Peakes Quay is another often photographed piece of public art.  The cow is removed during the winter months but during the summer can often be found with people crawling over it.


William Henry Pope

Located at the foot of lower Great George Street, this piece of art is a little less popular however lots of people sit next to the Father of Confederation who happens to be rowing his boat. William Henry Pope, a father of Confederation, rowed out to meet others who were invited to the Charlottetown Conference which took place 150 years earlier.

Angus Maceachern
Angus Maceachern

Angus Maceachern

The first bishop of the Diocese of Charlottetown. This statue is located right outside the Saint Dunstan’s University which was the first post-secondary school on PEI. It is located on 45 Lower Great George Street in downtown Charlottetown.

This wraps up the first 7, onto the next group of public art for Charlottetown, or skip to the map.

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