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UPDATED AGAIN: 11 PEI Waterfalls To Discover!

Howards Cove PEI Waterfall

Alright alright, I know. PEI Waterfalls? PEI & Waterfalls In the same sentence? Well, it’s true. PEI DOES have waterfalls however if you are looking for them to be the size of Niagra Falls, not so much. Explorers get ready, it is time to discover PEI waterfalls.

To make things simple, I included a Google Map on Page 2.

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Now sadly, I am not allowed to reveal 2 of the waterfalls positions. I know, I know, I can hear the boos already. So here is a list of PEI Waterfalls. Enough chitter chatter, let’s get to it.


PEI Waterfalls

Howards Cove PEI Waterfall
Howards Cove PEI Waterfall

Howards Cove (Prince County)

I have driven by the top of this waterfall many many times and apparently, lots of fishermen have without actually knowing it was there. You drive into the wharf and head down an embankment while you are driving towards the wharf….the truth is, as you are going down the road/hill, there is this beautiful waterfall right beside you. To get down to this waterfall, you must climb over and around some bigger rocks.

Down East Waterfall

This waterfall was probably the biggest I knew about. As to if it is natural or not is another question. I believe the history of this place reads that it used to be a dam that powered Georgetown.

Argyle Shore Provincial Park (Queens County)

Prince Edward Island’s Argyle Shore Provincial Park is on the Southern side in Queens County. In the spring, this waterfall can be quite the bustling scene however in the summer it is less rampant. None the less, it is a pleasant sight when you are just heading out for a swim at the beach.


Hermitage waterfall in Naufrage (Kings County)

The small but large Hermitage waterfall (in terms of total height) waterfall is a very powerful bubbling spring running down a hill. Nothing too dramatic in terms of being large, but none the less very pretty. There are rumours that you can even see fairies at this beautiful spot.

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