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9 Haunted PEI Locations (+1 Bonus)

9 Haunted PEI Locations

Prince Edward Island is full of history and anywhere that has as much history as the Island does, must also have some spooky ghostly tales. I decided I would spend some time checking out 6 haunted or ghost stories of Prince Edward Island. Additionally, you will find 4 more at the end of the last video I created.

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Now have I ever observed something like a ghost? No, but I wish someday I will see one. It’ll be unreal. But lets get onto it!

The Video:

9 Haunted or Good Ol’ PEI Ghost Stories (+Bonus)

West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse is well known for it’s haunting after all Willie worked there for 50 years and never missed a day of work….so who is this Willy character? Well, William MacDonald was the first Innkeeper of the West Point Lighthouse and it is told that you can feel cold spots throughout the Lighthouse (which I have felt) as well as sometimes lights will just turn on for no good or apparent reason.


Haunted PEI: A dug out PEI Train
Haunted PEI: A Prince Edward Island train after being dug out

Deblois Train Crash

February 21, 1932 there was a bad snowstorm up in Deblois PEI. After a hard-fought battle against the drifting snow in an attempt to get the tracks clear, the snow would merely blow back in. As such, it was a losing battle. So it was decided that a couple man would go ahead to warn any oncoming trains about the stuck train ahead. Some people say the warning party was actually on a water tower so the engineers could see them….however after waiting, and waiting and waiting some more, the men gave up and started heading back to the stuck train. And as they walked that windy cold walk, another train flew by them and all of a sudden we have a bad train collision.


Rumour has it that you can hear a train whistle or see a light from the train on the former track (now the Confederation Trail) and it is merely the train’s engineer.


Georgetown Playhouse

Probably the most common story, as well as the most well known out of this bunch, everyone on PEI knows that Georgetown’s Playhouse is haunted. It is soo haunted in fact, the ghost has made numerous appearances and a seat is reserved for him. Everyone calls this ghost Major, after Major Temple William Faber McDonald.

The Kings Playhouse was also featured on Creepy Canada which I embedded above for you to watch.

Haunted PEI: PEI's Block House, near Holland's Cove
Haunted PEI: PEI’s Block House, near Holland’s Cove

Holland’s Cove

A popular spot for Charlottetown boaters, it has a bad past. When Samuel Holland arrived on PEI, his newlywed wife. Now Samuel Holland was here in 1764 and his job was to divide the province into 67 lots.

While he was on an expedition which was taking longer than expected, his wife Racine went running out onto the ice searching for him. Unfortunately for her, the ice was thin and she ended up falling through and drowning. The story is that you can still hear her to this day calling “Samuel, Samuel?” or you may notice a white-robed lady roaming around the shoreline waiting for her husband to return home.

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