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Confederation Bridge

Prince Edward Island, or PEI, is known for its amazing lighthouses. The Island has had lots of shipwrecks over the years and lighthouses are/were used as a navigational aid for boaters.

With lots of tourists and locals alike wanting to visit the 60+ PEI Lighthouses, I figured I would feature my favorite lighthouses.


Confederation Bridge Lighthouse
PEI Lighthouses: Confederation Bridge
Confederation Bridge – Please do not use with prior permission © John Morris

The second lighthouse you see upon entering Prince Edward Island via the bridge, this PEI lighthouse is right beside the bridge as you come off it. You can get up close and personal with this beauty and then further explore underneath the Confederation Bridge.

Seacow Head Lighthouse
PEI Lighthouses: Seacow Head
The Seacow Head Lighthouse – Please do not use with prior permission © John Morris

The cover of my Prince Edward Island 2017 Calendar, I snapped this amazing photo in December 2015. Close to the water, I was able to capture the sea spray of the waves crashing into the shore. I struggled with how to photograph this lighthouse as I didn’t get to explore all the angles. Then on my second trip here, the waves were roaring and viola, a great Seacow Head Lighthouse photo.

St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse
St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse
The St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse – Please do not use with prior permission © John Morris

I have captured St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse in almost every possible light condition (northern lights, beautiful star sunrises, sunsets, etc) you can imagine, except lightning. That being said, this lovely newly painted lighthouse has a bit of a backstory:

On one side of the small community of Morell (PEI) is St. Peters while on the other side of Morell is St Peters Harbour. I used to always mix em up and used to call this the St. Peters Lighthouse. And although both are St Peters, I was told more times then I could ever count that it is NOT St Peters BUT St Peters Harbour. So I quickly learned to call this lighthouse St. Peters Harbour. That being said, a lovely lady who used to run a shop in St. Peters was never afraid to remind me of my mistake. And reminded me she did. She no longer hangs her hat in St. Peters but every time I see her and her lovely husband, she’s always quick to ask about the St. Peters Harbour lighthouse and what new shots I have of it.



The Cape Tryon Lighthouse
Cape Tryon Lighthouse
Cape Tryon Lighthouse – Please do not use with prior permission © John Morris

Probably my favorite lighthouse of the bunch, Cape Tryon lighthouse is located amongst some amazing rolling hills alongside some stunning terrifying cliffs. Another lighthouse I visit once a season, the beauty of this place is just stunning.


Covehead Harbour Lighthouse meets Northern Lights
PEI Lighthouses: Covehead Harbour Lighthouse Meets Northern Lights
The Covehead Harbour Lighthouse Meets Northern Lights – Please do not use with prior permission © John Morris

One of the fan favorite photographs I have of the Northern Lights on Prince Edward Island, this lighthouse sits next to the Covehead Harbour which also serves up some good grub. The second best part of this lighthouse is, of course, the ability to walk along the beach.

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