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The BEST Festival: Halifax’s Nocturne!

Halifax's Nocturne!

The most amazing event I have been to happens next weekend in Halifax and is called Nocturne.
My first and only visit of Nocturne was in 2016 and it was absolutely amazing, plus the company was great too! It is an Art at Night Festival put on in Downtown Halifax. As their website says, it brings “art and energy to the streets of Halifax between 6pm-midnight”. Well, that’s entirely true and the amount of energy on the streets of Halifax during that time is absolutely incredible as numerous artists are set up in different blocks. The type of art varies and will have you addicted to wanting to go back.

Now if you aren’t into mass crowds of people, this event is probably not for you. The streets of Halifax are packed as everyone comes out to enjoy this incredible event. The streets literally come alive for this incredible event.

So, see you at Nocturne!


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