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Haunted Halifax Locations

Anywhere with lots of history has lots of hauntings. This include Halifax and it’s numerous haunted locations. There are two separate Haunted Halifax Ghost Tours that depart nightly at Citadel Hill’s clock tower. As well, there is also the Citadel Hill Haunted Halifax ghost tour.

With the Halifax being an major port during the World War’s there is no lack of history in this amazing town. And with history comes some good ghost stories.

So here are 7 of the most Haunted Locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia…

7 Haunted Halifax Locations

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Five Fisherman

The restaurant & bar known as the Five Fisherman have had numerous ghostly tales. Staff  reporting numerous different interactions including doors being slammed. Dishwashers have started their jobs with the Five Fisherman and quickly left running out the front door after seeing ghosts roaming in the kitchen or even ghosts.

The building, formerly Snow & Company Undertaker, has been home to multiple major disasters. After the titanic sank, numerous wealthier victims were brought back to the Five Fisherman’s building. Five years later in 1917, the Halifax explosion took place. The windows in the building were smashed however the building was still used as a funeral parlour. At this time, you can imagine caskets stacked up ontop of one another.

Even though it is one of the most haunted locations in Halifax, it also caters to those looking for some good grub or a night out on the town. But it also serves up some spookiness for Haunted Halifax locations.

Haunted Halifax: St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Haunted Halifax: St. Paul’s Anglican Church

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

The next one is a bit difficult for photos/video however almost across the street from the Five Fisherman is a church, St. Paul’s Anglican Church. The tall tale is that the minister must have been looking out the window during the Halifax explosion. The explosion was so bad that the shadow remained stained on the glass as the minister did not survive the blast. And looking at the window from the street, it certainly looks it. While this place is rather public, it is a great addition to the Haunted Halifax list!

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Alexander Keith’s Brewery

I have drank lots of Keith’s over the years however I never realized there was a ghostly tale attached to the founder of the beer company. Back in the day, Mr. Keith had a tunnel running between his house and his brewery. It allowed him to easily access his establishment in a rush. It is also rumored that his spirit still haunts the tunnel meanwhile another ghost usually takes up a seat at the end of the bar.


The Clocktower at Citadel Hill, in Halifax Nova Scotia
The Clocktower at Citadel Hill

Citadel Hill

Last year they had their own ghost walk. The number of ghost stories from this place grows at time goes on. From 6 to 12 to 24 and now 36. There is certainly no lack of stories to tell and they do. The tales are told until the end of October. One of those tales just happened to have made it on a Canada Post stamp, the Grey Lady. Tho information isn’t 100% certain, one of the tales is that her husband, a Royal Artillery member, committed suicide on their wedding day. Another being tales of canons being fired off by accident killing multiple military members.

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