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The Maritimes are home to many hidden gem locations, tons of festivals, lots of activities and much more.

Here is a bucket list of ideas for you to engage in this Summer….because you gotta plan now or when you blink it’ll be gone.

1. Stay The Night in A Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island has numerous rooms to stay in. From the inn keepers room to normal hotel rooms. Rumour has it, some of the rooms are haunted.

2. Go Seadooing (Halifax, Nova Scotia & Charlottetown, PEI)

Go Seadooing
Go Seadooing

Halifax and Charlottetown have companies on the wharf where you can rent Seadoo’s. Although the damage deposit is a bit scary, do it. It’s seriously incredible.


3. Explore Halifax Waterfront (Nova Scotia)

Halifax’s waterfront has much to see and do. Ontop of this, it is also very historic and has everything you can imagine.Plus every year new amazing locations pop up.


4. Fire a Gun & Canon at the Fortress of Louisbourg (Nova Scotia)

The Fortress of Louisbourg is an incredible place and they allow you to fire canon’s and guns within the fortress walls. It’s incredible to be brought back into our historic history and even better to experience it first hand! An absolute must!

5. Visit Grand Manan (New Brunswick)

This remote location has tons to go and explore. As well, you can go on a Puffin Tour….Something I’ve never done but would be very cool to see. There is a huge reason I revisit it every year and it is definitely because of its beauty.

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6. Enjoy Some Grub & Beers on Victoria Row (Charlottetown, PEI)

Enjoy Grub on Victoria Row
Enjoy Grub on Victoria Row

This street closes down for the summer and becomes a pedesterian only street. No matter what is happening in the city, this place is always happening. And of course, being less then a block away from my office helps.


7. Visit Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick)

The Bay of Fundy is an amazing wonder of the world. The fastest tides in the world makes visiting this location a real magical scene. Plus who can forget the tidal bore.


8. Sleep on a Boat

Waking up in Charlottetown after sleeping on a sailtboat
Waking up in Charlottetown after sleeping on a sailtboat

There is no better sleep then sleeping on a boat. It’s absolutely epic with the light rocking of the waves.

9. GO to Nocturne (Halifax, NS) Or Art in the Open (Charlottetown, PEI).

Halifax’s Nocturne is an event you gotta be there early for as you simply won’t have enough time to conquer it all. And you’ll wish it was longer. So take my advice and start early, it’s worth it.

10. Visit Halifax Busker Fest (Nova Scotia)

Buskers & Halifax….mix em together and what do you get? Halifax Busker Festival! I’ve attended others and they just weren’t near the quality of the Halifax Busker Fest. So, definitely don’t miss out on this.

11. Indulge in the Tatamagouche Octoberfest (Nova Scotia).

Alright, its not a Summer event but definitely put it on your bucketlist. It’s Octoberfest, how can you resist?

12. Go Kayaking

Kayaking near Souris, PEI
Kayaking near Souris, PEI

Nothing beats the calm movement as your paddle enters into the water. A small splash (or big) and you’re off to the races….or just floating down in a kayak. Either would do.

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13. Stay at a Hikers/Hunters Cabin

Winter River Hikers Cabin
Winter River Hikers Cabin

Nothing beats random cabins in woods that invite people in to leave a message behind via a guest book. One of my favorite hikers cabin is more secret then anything but the one in Winter River PEI is well known.

14. Visit Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Lunenburg is a small town on the Southern Shores of Nova Scotia. In the summertime, it turns into a magical tourist destination with tons of boutiques, restaurants, history, golf, ghost tour and more. It’s definitely a spot to checkout.

15. Cook Breakfast right by the Ocean

There is nothing like eating breakfast grub right next to the water. Having a small breakfast BBQ and waking up is always a pleasant experience.

16. Stay The Night Inn a Train (Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia)

Train Station Inn
Train Station Inn

The Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia is a very unique spot. First off, you spend a night in the Caboose and then wake up to some delicious food in a Dining Car.

17. Participate in a Boat Poker Run

18. Peggys Cove

This is probably one of the most well known lighthouses in the Maritimes or let alone Canada. Peggy’s Cove sits about 45 minutes outside of Halifax and has tons of tourists drop in every year. As such, it is definitely a MUST STOP location. And when you do stop, keep a good distance from the black looking rocks, they are dangerous due to rogue waves that will spring up on you in an instant.

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