I often get asked about equipment. What equipment am I using to produce my videos?

My answers is usually the same, equipment only matters to a certain extent however for those interested here is a list of equipment I currently use.

? Camera: Canon G7X Mark II: This is an amazing compact camera I use for most of my video recording. As well, I’ve used it to capture images for my Maritime Cookbook including the cover photos. This beast is small but very mighty.

? Selfie Stick: JOBY GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X Bundle: This high end GorillaPod is absolutely amazing. It’s tough as nails and can tie around anything.

? 360° Camera: Nikon KeyMission 360: The one item in my camera bag I wish I could return. It has been very problematic but Nikon assures me their new updates will help and so far, they have.

? 360° Degree Selfie Stick: JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom: A cheaper and lighter weight version to my camera’s selfie stick, this thing allows me to setup my Nikon KeyMission where ever.

? Underwater Filming: GoPro Hero Black: Frankly I love the durability of these cameras and have taken them everywhere. They are great to carry around and I use them when I am putting my camera at risk.

✈ Flying Machine: DJI Phantom: The DJI Phantom is a top notch drone. DJI definitely has this market cornered and do an amazing job.